Religious Education

Fostering deep understandings and connections to their Catholic identity.

Picture of a student with a candleSt Catherine of Siena Primary School is a Catholic Learning Community, that works together to empower its members to follow Jesus and reach their full potential according to Gospel values.

Students are immersed in the Catholic faith and are challenged to live out the teachings, traditions and beliefs of the Catholic Church. Our well planned and conceptually based program assists in the facilitation of this empowerment. It encourages our students to discover and enact their Christian faith.

At St Catherine of Siena Primary School we believe that Sacraments are the living out of our faith. They are important celebrations in our faith journey and the heart of our Catholic tradition.

As part of the Catholic Parish Melton, we celebrate the Sacraments as follows:

Students in gathering space


Year Levels

Sacramental Program

2019 Year Three Reconciliation   (Term 1)
2019 Year Four Eucharist   (Term 2)
2019 Year Six Confirmation   (Term 4)