Annual Reports

Our School Vision

St. Catherine of Siena School, as an integral part of St Dominic’s Parish,
Is a Catholic learning community empowering all of its members to reach their full potential:
Spiritually, physically, emotionally, academically and socially according to Gospel values.
St. Catherine’s is a welcoming community, working in partnership with each other to develop:

An understanding of God’s love;

  • providing a comprehensive Religious Education Program
  • valuing the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church
  • using the Gospel values of Jesus as our guiding principle

A growth to wholeness;

  • valuing that the child is at the centre of the schools being
  • providing a challenging and extensive curriculum
  • ensuring the development of the whole person through challenging experiences

A love of life and learning;

  • valuing that learning is developmental and individual
  • striving continually to develop the delivery of best teaching practices
  • maintaining the constant affirmation of all children and their achievements

Unconditional respect for self, others and the world;

  • providing an environment in which all people, within the school community, see themselves as valued members of the school, parish and wider community
  • valuing the uniqueness of each child and member of our community
  • supporting home- school, community partnerships and relationships
  • a commitment to equity for all
  • providing a safe, happy and secure environment
Download our 2016 annual report to the community to find out more