Finding the Truth through Education  

St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School was established in 1984 and is dedicated to learning excellence in a faith-filled, engaged and supportive environment.


  School Vision Statement  

“Be who God meant you to be…

      •     Living the message of Jesus

      •     Nurturing relationships with God, self, others and the world

      •     Inspiring learning through creativity, curiosity and passion

      •     Empowering independence and growth to wholeness for all

…and you will set the world on fire.


Jesus speaks to St Catherine of Siena

I gave you EYES to look at the sky and everything else and the beauty of
creation through me

I gave you your EARS to listen to my word and to pay attention to the needs of
your neighbours.

I gave you your TONGUE to proclaim my word, to confess your own sins, and
to work for the salvation of others.

I gave you your HANDS to serve your neighbours when you see them sick,
and to help them with alms in their need.

I gave you your FEET to carry you to places that are holy and useful to you
and your neighbours for the glory and praise of my name.