Student Wellbeing

St Catherine of Siena is a place where people can learn and grow in many ways but especially to grow to love God.

At St. Catherine of Siena we believe that it is essential that all children feel safe and supported and are able to participate in the learning environment, equally without fear of discrimination at all times. We acknowledge that if this is to occur then a proactive program, that addresses positive social behaviour and the prevention of bullying and aggressive behaviour, is essential. It is essential that the school has a common and sequential approach to developing positive social skills amongst the students and wider school community.

At St Catherine of Siena we provide a community empowering all of its members, (students and their families, staff & parish members) to reach their full potential. To achieve this we strive to provide an environment that fosters the Gospel values of mutual respect, dignity and self worth.

At St Catherine of Siena we strive to foster a sense of connectedness between all members of our school community. We are committed to the Gospel values of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

CECV Statement of Commitment to Child Safety St Catherine of Siena Child Protection - Reporting Obligations Policy