Personalised learning has helped prepare me for my future. It’s made me realise that I can have variety with the things I do…when people viewed my movie and replied to my wiki I thought ‘WOW, this is really working.’ Zac

At St Catherine of Siena we are developing learning spaces that foster an environment that supports all types of learners. Students develop skills in problem solving and persistence to strive for independence as a learner. Students have a shared role in their learning which increases their engagement and drive for improvement.

Quotes from students about Personalised Learning:

  • Personalised learning gives me choice and when I have choice I enjoy what I do!
  • Personalised learning makes it easier to manage your own learning. Last year everyone was taught the same things in the same way, now we are treated as individuals and can work in many different learning styles.
  • Personalised learning lets me open my mind to new opportunities.
  • Personalised learning helps me learn about things that are happening in my world.
  • I get to learn about topics I’m interested in. If I’m interested in the topic, I’ll work more and learn more.
  • Personalised learning is a new experience that supports goal setting, time management and confidence in yourself…you don’t always have to rely on the teacher.